How Do You Shampoo Carpet?


To shampoo carpet, vacuum it once, sprinkle it with borax and cornmeal, vacuum it again, pretreat stains with vinegar, fill a carpet cleaner with rug shampoo, wash the carpet, rinse it, and dry it. This overnight process requires a vacuum, borax, cornmeal, white vinegar, water, towels, rug shampoo and a carpet cleaner.

  1. Vacuum the carpet

    Pick up large debris by hand, and vacuum the carpet.

  2. Sprinkle the carpet with borax and cornmeal

    Sprinkle the carpet with equal amounts borax and cornmeal. Leave the mixture on the carpet for one hour, then vacuum it away.

  3. Treat stains with diluted vinegar

    Apply diluted white vinegar to stained areas, and scrub the stains with a towel. Leave the vinegar on the carpet for 15 minutes, and blot the liquid with a clean towel.

  4. Fill the carpet cleaner

    Fill the carpet cleaner with rug shampoo and very hot water, using the procedure outlined in the manufacturer's instructions.

  5. Wash and rinse the carpet

    Wash the carpet, moving the cleaner in slow, parallel lines. Empty and refill the cleaner as necessary, then fill the tank with pure water. Rinse the carpet, moving along the same lines you used during shampooing.

  6. Dry the carpet

    Empty the carpet cleaner tank, and pass the machine over the rinsed carpet to remove as much water as possible. Do this twice, if needed, and let the carpet air dry overnight.