What Are Some Shade-Loving Vines?


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Some shade-loving vines include California pipevine, climbing hydrangea, periwinkle, sweet autumn clematis, English ivy and Japanese honeysuckle. While Boston ivy and Virginia creeper both grow well in the shade, they won't produce brilliant fall foliage for which they are known in the shade.

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What Are Some Shade-Loving Vines?
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California pipevine not only grows well in the shade, but it also grows quickly and flowers in the shade, which is unusual in vines. It produces purple flowers. Climbing hydrangea is another rare vine that flowers in the shade. Periwinkle, although considered somewhat invasive, is a great vine to plant in shady areas or under trees. Periwinkle is also drought-tolerant, and it produces little blue flowers.

Some shade-loving vines are considered invasive and aggressive. For instance, the sweet autumn clematis grows well in the shade and produces beautiful white flowers, but the plant also produces hundreds of seeds, causing it to grow and spread quickly. English ivy has lovely green foliage, but it s extremely invasive. Japanese honeysuckle, emerald gaiety euonymus, Chinese wisteria and trumpet vine all produce beautiful flowers or have lovely foliage and, most importantly, thrive in the shade. However, they are considered very invasive and can take over a home if not properly managed.

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