What Are Several Creative Ideas for Landscaping in Small Spaces?


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Several creative ideas for landscaping in small spaces include separating the area into several small levels, dividing the lawn into functional areas, adding a pergola to give the illusion of space and breaking up a small plot of land into different elements to give the area texture and depth. For instance, place a small fountain and pool by a bench, the latter raised on a deck. Separate one side of the pool and plants with a wall.

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Design and landscape on a diagonal for a narrow area. This means placing paving stones or bricks in diagonal lines from the back door, and then placing the plants and seating in line with paving stones. Create a multifunctional space in a small area with a bench surrounding a tree for both greenery, shade and relaxation, or place a small swing set separated from the main seating area by a slatted fence. Use all available space in a small area. For example, use the space underneath a raised deck for storage.

When it comes to plants, use several small pots instead of large planters. The pots can hold a variety of flowers while being small enough to fit in smaller places or on top of shelves. They can even be mounted onto an outside wall for a vertical garden.

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