What Are the Settings on an All Clad Slow Cooker?

All-Clad slow cookers have three settings: low, high and warm. The 7-quart version also has a dual high/low setting that causes the unit to automatically switch settings midway through the cooking process. All-Clad slow cookers come in 4-quart, 6.5-quart and 7-quart versions.

For most recipes, an All-Clad slow cooker maintains a high or low heat level throughout a cooking cycle, depending on which level is selected by the user. The slow cooker switches to the warm setting at the end of each cooking cycle to keep the food warm until it is served.

A programmable timer lets the user set the heat setting and select the time the cooker should finish preparing the meal up to 26 hours in advance. A single button, labelled "set," located on the front of the unit is used to choose between the three temperature settings. Up and down buttons let the user adjust the time, a separate start button initiates the cooking cycle and a power button turns the unit on or off. An All-Clad slow cooker features an LED display panel that indicates how much time remains in the cycle, a light that indicates when the unit is currently cooking food and a light that indicates when the slow cooker is maintaining the contents at the warm setting.