How do you know what setting to wash your clothes on the front loader washers?


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Front loading washers should be set to the type of clothing being washed. For instance, some LG washers have a stain setting that uses both warm and cool water to remove stains. Other settings to choose from include temperature setting and normal, delicate and sanitize settings.

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How do you know what setting to wash your clothes on the front loader washers?
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According to LG, sorting clothes by type and color and determining whether to use hot or cold water allows front loading washers to clean clothes efficiently. Sort according to the color of the clothing and the recommended washing instructions located on the label of the garment. Determine whether the load is large, medium or small after sorting. Setting the load size appropriately conserves water.

Use the quick wash setting when time is short and items are lightly soiled. Heavy settings are best for clothing that is stained or very soiled and that is durable enough to handle vigorous washing, such as denim jeans and work uniforms.

Better Homes and Gardens recommends using the permanent press cycle when washing a combination of cotton and delicate fabrics to reduce the number of loads needed. Stained clothing can be treated in the steam cycle if the setting is available. Wash clothing as recommended on the label of the garments after the steam cycle is complete. Better Homes and Gardens also recommends rinsing on the warm setting to shorten drying time.

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