How Do You Set up Your Stanley Garage Door Opener?

To set up a Stanley garage door opener, put the drive motor unit of the Stanley garage door opener in program mode, select a button on the remote, and hold it down until it is accepted. These instructions work for both the original and universal three-button remote controls.

Set a step ladder in a position where you can safely reach the overhead drive unit mounted on the garage ceiling. Depress the button labeled "R" on the left side of the control button. Hold the button down until the red indicator light illuminates. Press and hold the button that you wish to use on the remote until the indicator light goes off. This saves the remote's programming. Repeat the process for any additional remotes.

If the Stanley garage door unit is equipped with a non-functional wall-mounted keypad, reset it. If the keypad requires a reset, the status light remains on. If the light is on, then press the Radio Learn and Access Learn buttons simultaneously until the light goes off. This technique resets the system and allows you to enter a new access code for your system or use a previous one.

Stanley discontinued manufacture of its garage door openers in 1997.