How Do I Set up a Snooker Table?

Arrange the red balls into a triangle on the far end of the snooker table from the "D" spot. Place the pink ball at the tip of the triangle, the black ball behind the triangle, the blue ball in table's center and other balls along the "D" spot.

  1. Place the black ball

    On a standard 12 foot by 6 foot snooker table, you can set black ball 14 3/4 inches from the slate furthest from the "D" inscribed onto the table, known as the "D" spot, and equidistant from the side slates.

  2. Place the pink ball

    Set the pink ball 36 inches from the slate furthest from the "D" spot, and align it centrally between the two side slates.

  3. Form the red ball triangle

    The 15 red balls should be placed in a triangle formation between the black and pink balls, with the point touching the pink ball. Place two red balls in the second row, three in the third, and so forth until all five rows are formed.

  4. Place the blue ball

    Set the blue ball 72 inches from the back slate and align it centrally between the side slates.

  5. Place the final colored balls along the baulk line

    The yellow, brown and green balls should be placed in descending order on the three dots marked along the line connecting the side slates, known as the baulk line.

  6. Choose the starting position for the cue ball

    The white cue ball may be placed anywhere within the "D" spot as marked on the snooker table.