How Do You Set up Remote Control Lighting?


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Set up remote control lighting by determining which control system you desire, optionally setting up your hub and sensor, and preparing a remote control device. Another option is to connect the hub to your router and use the lighting product's recommended software to control the lighting remotely with your smartphone.

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How Do You Set up Remote Control Lighting?
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One option for remote control lighting is plug-in light control. To do this, plug a radio frequency-controlled module into the outlet powering the lights you wish to control. Now, you can adjust lighting using a radio frequency controller, although these signals may be subject to interference.

To use your TV remote to control the lighting, plug the RF hub and sensor into an outlet close to your television set. Replace your wall switches with radio-controlled switches that are able to communicate with the hub. Program a universal TV remote with the recommended codes to control the lights, and ensure all devices are communicating with each other properly.

To use your smartphone or tablet to control the lighting, connect the appropriate lighting control hub to the wireless router. This can relay the signal to your smartphone or tablet using the software provided by or recommended by the manufacturers of the hub connected to your router.

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