How Do You Set up a Portable Cabin?


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A simple way to create a portable cabin is to construct a small, light cabin on a flatbed or trailer frame. When planning the cabin, downsize as much as possible. Build it directly on the flat-bed using lightweight materials such as softwood and tin roofing. Additionally, use lightweight construction methods such as an A-frame design. Bolt the cabin firmly to the flat-bed frame to ensure it does not shift while moving.

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The maximum size a flatbed can be is 8.5 feet wide, while the cabin and flatbed together can be 13.5 feet tall. This relatively small area makes space-saving designs helpful. For example, install a lofted bed with storage underneath. Additionally, plan for a minimal number of occupants. Most portable cabins are best used by only two people. Similarly, opt for a collapsible table and camping cookware.

Consider using a portable toilet rather than having to connect water and sewage plumbing to the cabin. Use fittings from a recreational vehicle. Create entrance stairs that can be easily removed and stored in the cabin during transit.

Tin or plastic roofing is lighter than shingles and can create a pleasing sound of beating rain. Opt for the lightest possible insulation to reduce weight and maximize the interior space of the cabin.

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