How Do You Set up a Leviton Switch?


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To set up a Leviton switch, first turn off the circuit breaker supplying power to the original light switch. Dismantle the light switch cover, remove the switch and test to ensure the terminals are not receiving any power. Loosen the wires from the old switch, and connect them to the Leviton switch. Place the wires and the switch back into the electrical box, secure it with the cover and restart the breaker in order to test the Leviton switch.

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Wires can be loosened from the switch by unscrewing their screws or directly cutting them with a wire snipper. If using the wire snipper, it is especially important to test the terminals using a voltmeter to make sure no power is coming through the switch. When reinstalling the wires on the Leviton switch, attach the black wires to the brass terminals and the red wire to the black terminal. The bare wires attach to the green terminal in order to ground the switch, while the white wires remain untouched.

Leviton switches make it possible to control a light through two switches. Constructed with four terminals—two brass, one black and one green—the Leviton switch provides the pair of three-way switches needed in order to use dual switches.

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