How Do You Set up an Invisible Fence?


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To install an invisible fence, install the transmitter according to the manufacturer's instructions, and place the wire along the desired boundary. Connect the wire to the transmitter as directed in the instructions. Dig a 1 to 3-inch trench along the boundary line, and place the wires in the trench after testing the system to ensure it works properly. Cover the wires with soil.

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Before installing the system, plan the boundary wire so it isn't placed near chain link fences, underground utility lines, or near above-ground utility lines. Ground the transmitter according to the manufacturer's instructions.

If the wire provided isn't long enough to form the desired boundary, splice the wire with additional wire. To splice two wires together, strip the ends of both wires, insert the stripped wires into a wire connector, and twist the wire connector. Seal the wire connector with a small amount of silicone caulking, and wrap the connector in electrical tape after the caulking is dry.

To run the wire through concrete, cut a trench in the concrete using a circular saw, and patch the concrete with the appropriate materials after the installation. Run the wires through PVC pipe, and bury the pipe to install the wire under a gravel surface.

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