How Do You Set up Hydroponics at Home?


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Set up a hydroponics system at home by purchasing a hydroponics kit that includes the structure, inert hydroponics media and nutrients. Purchase the plants you want to grow, and follow the manufacturer's instructions to set up the structure. Remove the soil from the plants, and place the roots in the media in special hydroponics pots. Suspend the roots in the nutrient-filled water, and let the plants grow.

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Hydroponics is as simple as sticking toothpicks into a potato and suspending it in a glass of water. However, systems generally include pumps that either aerate the water or pump the water over the roots to keep them from drying. There are several different approaches, and some are simple enough to begin without purchasing a kit. When buying a kit, choose one of adequate size for the plants you want to grow.

Hydroponic gardens help gardeners to overcome poor soil conditions and grow without weeds. While hydroponic gardens do well outside, many owners prefer growing their gardens inside where the controlled environment protects plants from weather problems, including frost and insects. If growing inside and there is not a lot of natural light, you may need to add a grow light to provide the energy for photosynthesis for the plants.

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