How Do You Set up a Futon Frame?

To set up a futon frame, insert barrel nuts into the frame's holes; affix the stretchers to the arm assemblies using conformats; and attach a cotter pin, clevis pin and slider to the seat and back deck flats. Then, secure the deck flats to the futon frame, and tighten the conformats. Finally, lay the futon's mattress.

Begin setting up a futon frame by placing its parts on a flat surface. Keep the nuts, pins and screws in separate bowls. Ensure that all the required parts and fasteners are present.

Then, insert 14 barrel nuts into all the holes present on the futon frame. Position the two arm assemblies so that their grooves point inward, attach two conformats to a stretcher's side, and affix the stretcher to one of the arm assemblies, moving from the futon's rear end to the front. Repeat the process for attaching the second stretcher. Leave the bolts loose.

Now, insert a clevis pin into one slider, and push it along with one cotter pin into the deck flat for the seat. Secure the deck flat using a clevis pin. Attach the deck flat's other end in a similar manner, and repeat the process for affixing the deck flat for the back.

Next, position the deck flats in the futon's frame by placing the sliders on the flats in the arm assemblies' grooves. Ensure that the deck flats rest aligned and flat against the bottom of the frame.

Using an Allen wrench, make the conformats at the futon's base tight. Tighten the pins at the top of one of the base's sides first, and then tighten those at the bottom. Avoid over-tightening the conformats, as this may cause damage to the stretchers.