How Do You Set up a First-Up Canopy?

How Do You Set up a First-Up Canopy?

To set up a First Up canopy, place it on the installation area, push the stakes into the ground, form the legs and the center pole, stand the legs, and tie each leg to the stakes using a rope. Insert the center pole into the hole provided in the canopy, and tie it. Finally, secure the stakes properly.

When placing the canopy on the installation area, lay it flat and like a square. Then, place the stakes at a distance of 3 1/2 feet from the canopy's grommets. Place two stakes at each of the canopy's corners, and push all the stakes into the ground using a rubber mallet so that each stake is half inside. Do not hammer the stakes too hard as this may break them.

Now, form the canopy's legs by attaching a short pole to a long one. To form the center pole, attach one short pole to two long ones. Affix the poles using the plastic fittings provided, or by inserting them one into the other. Position a leg around each of the canopy's grommets.

Next, place the grommet on the spike located at the pole's end, stand one of the legs, and tie it to the pole's top using a rope. The rope must be crossed to form an X when the stakes are secured to the ground. Tie the legs at the corners to two stakes in a similar fashion.

After tying all the legs, position the center pole into the hole present at the canopy's center, and secure it with a rope from within the canopy. Finish the installation by hammering the stakes in place again. Have someone to assist you during the installation.