How Do You Set up Amish Pole Barn Kits?


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To set up an Amish pole barn kit, find a suitable location and place posts into the ground at the spacings indicated in the kit instructions. Add the barn frame and walls between posts, and complete the barn with a roof, rafters and doors. A variety of Amish pole barn kits are available. Instructions vary depending on the kit and the size of your barn.

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Amish pole barns are designed to allow you to set up the barn yourself by using the materials and following the instructions in the kit. This saves you money during the building process. Another cost advantage Amish pole barns provide is the foundation. Steel buildings require a concrete foundation, whereas Amish pole barns only require level surfaces for the wood posts.

Check the kit's instructions or contact the manufacturer when choosing the type of wood for the barn. If you use low-quality lumber or the incorrect type of lumber, the barn may not be structurally sound. The wood could also decay. When constructed correctly and with the right type of lumber, Amish pole barns are long-lasting and require little maintenance.

Amish pole barns are also more versatile than steel barns. Since the entire barn uses wood and doesn't require interior support walls, you're able to adapt the interior when necessary.

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