How Do You Set up an Aluminum Carport Kit?


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To install an aluminum carport, level the ground in the desired area, and install concrete or gravel to form a base for the carport. Lay the bottom rails in place, and bolt the rails to the concrete if possible. Attach the uprights to the bottom rails, and attach the top railing to the upright posts. If girts are included, install them before installing the trusses and purlins. After installing the base and support beams, install the roof.

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Refer to the owner's manual to determine the exact placement and type of posts included in the kit, as carport kits can vary by manufacturer.

To level the ground, place stakes at each corner of the installation area, tie twine between each stake so the twine is level, and calculate the difference between the high and low points. Remove the calculated amount of soil from the high points, or add fill dirt to the low points until the ground is level.

Pour the concrete, and allow it to set for the recommended amount of time before installing the carport. Do not place carports on slopes that are greater than 4 inches, as this can cause the carport to lean, and avoid placing the carport in areas where standing water accumulates.

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