How Do You Set the Temperature in a Refrigerator?


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To set the temperature of a refrigerator, individuals must turn the control dial inside the unit to the left or right to reach the desired coolness, and turn the baffle control dial to adjust the amount of cold air drawn from the freezer. Refrigerator thermometers help determine an exact temperature.

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How Do You Set the Temperature in a Refrigerator?
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In most refrigerator models, the appliance becomes cooler as the dial is turned to the right. To discover which dial is the temperature control and which one controls the baffle, owners must wait until the compressor begins to run, and turn one dial all the way to the left. If the sound of the compressor ceases, this is the temperature control. More advanced models may include digital controls and temperature displays. For these refrigerators, owners must refer to the owner's manual for proper adjustment.

It's necessary to find out whether the appliance is running at a safe temperature by placing a refrigerator thermometer in a glass of water and putting it in the fridge. After at least eight hours, individuals must check the temperature. If the temperature is below 38 degrees Fahrenheit, the baffle knob must be adjusted to allow less cool air into the refrigerator. If it is above 40 degrees, owners must turn the knob in the other direction. Knobs showing a range of 38 to 40 degrees should be left in place.

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