How Do You Set a SkyScan Atomic Clock With the Model Number 86722?

Set the SkyScan atomic clock by inserting batteries into the battery compartment. Leave the clock alone for up to four minutes and it will set itself, assuming it finds a receiver connection.

The SkyScan atomic clock is designed to set itself after the batteries have been installed properly in both the clock and temperature sensor. However, if the clock is not able to detect a signal, users may manually set the time and the clock will run as a normal quartz clock.

  1. Insert the batteries
  2. Remove the battery cover and insert two AA batteries into the battery compartment of the clock. Replace the battery cover. Insert two AA batteries into the temperature transmitter.

  3. Set the hour
  4. Press the "+" key to set the hour.

  5. Set the minutes
  6. When the minute digits begin flashing, set them by pressing the "+" key.

  7. Set the year
  8. Set the year by pressing the "Set" key then going to "Year Setting."

  9. Set the month
  10. Press the "set" key and select "Month Setting." Use the "+" key to set the month.

  11. Choose the display type
  12. Choose the display type from 12 or 24 hours by hitting "Set" then "12/24 Hours Display Setting."

  13. Enter the temperature display setting
  14. Press "Set" and choose either C or F to display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Even when the time is set manually, the clock will try to reach the server every day. If the server is found, the time will automatically update and will switch to "Received Time."