How Do You Set a Combination for a Sentry 1230 Safe?

Consumers cannot set the combination for a Sentry 1230 safe. The manufacturer presets the Sentry 1230 safe combination at the factory. Sentry prints the combination for each safe on the last page of the safe's owner's manual.

The Sentry 1230 safe is a fire- and water-resistant home floor safe with a combination lock. Sentry sets the lock combinations for its safes during manufacturing, and consumers normally cannot reset or change them. Buyers of Sentry safes can set up secured password-protected accounts and register their safes on the company’s website. The website allows owners to store and retrieve the combinations for safes they purchase.

If a customer cannot log into his account or loses the combination for an unregistered safe, he must contact the company. Sentry keeps a record of all original safe combinations assigned to its products during manufacturing. This information is highly confidential and Sentry treats it as such. For a fee, the company provides the owner a copy of the combination for an unregistered safe. The fee must accompany Sentry's receipt of a notarized form or letter or power-of-attorney letter attesting to the safe's ownership and indicating its model and serial numbers, which are located to the right of the lower hinge on the outside of the door.