How Do You Set the Clock on an Amana Microwave?


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To set the clock on an Amana microwave, press "clock" on the touch pad underneath the digital clock display, then enter the correct time using the numerals on the touch pad, and press "clock" again to set the time. Before setting the clock, follow basic appliance safety protocols.

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To protect against electric shock, make sure the microwave is grounded by plugging it into a three-prong outlet. Do not use an adapter or an extension cord. Also, do not operate the microwave if it is damaged. Check that the door closes properly and that there are no dents or other damage on the interior or exterior.

Amana microwaves come in three models, the 1.5- and 1.7-cubic-feet over-the-range microwaves and the 1.6-cubic-feet counter-top model. The digital clock on each microwave model runs on a standard 12-hour schedule, with a.m. and p.m. cycles. If, after the clock has been set, the display shows 0:00, the power has failed. Reset the clock according to the instructions.

Additional instructions for these microwaves can be downloaded on the Amana.com website. Four guides for each microwave are available: the use and care guide, dimension guide, installation instructions and specifications sheet. Access the use and care guide for more information regarding use of the digital touch pad.

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