How Do You Set a Chinese Dinner Table?

Serving a meal of Chinese food with a Chinese style table setting adds to the authenticity of the meal experience. Set your Chinese dinner table in less than five minutes using Chinese chopsticks, soup spoons, small sauce and rice bowls and large main course bowls.

  1. Place the chopsticks

    Lay chopsticks side by side in front of each seat with the tapered ends pointing to the left. Make sure to use Chinese-style chopsticks with blunt ends rather than Japanese-style chopsticks with pointed ends.

  2. Set the soup spoon

    Place one soup spoon above each set of chopsticks in a horizontal position. The large end should point to the right.

  3. Place the bowls

    Set the small sauce bowl directly above the soup spoon and the rice bowl above and to the left of the spoon. Fill the sauce and rice bowls before the meal begins. The main course bowl is the largest bowl, and it sits above and to the right of the spoon. This bowl remains empty until the meal is underway.

  4. Place the main dishes

    Group the main dishes in the center of the table. Guests pass these around during the meal to fill their main course bowls with the food.