How Do You Set an AcuRite Alarm Clock?


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Setting an AcuRite alarm clock depends on the specific type of clock. An AcuRite atomic clock determines the current time automatically, while a conventional clock can be set using the Set button, depending on the particular model.

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When using an AcuRite atomic alarm clock, the current time is set automatically via radio. Following the instructions for your particular model, select the time zone and set the calendar date. On current models this function is accessed using the Set Clock button. You can override the current time on some models, which then revert to the standard time when the manual function is disabled.

To set the alarm time on most AcuRite models, press and release the Set button, or press and hold the Alarm On/Off button and use the up and down arrows to select the alarm time. Set the alarm to On by moving the alarm switch or by pressing and releasing the Alarm On/Off button.

Instruction manuals for all models of AcuRite clocks are located on the AcuRite website. To locate the product manual for your clock, go to the AcuRite web site and go to the Support page, then select Clocks and look for your clock's model number.

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