How do you set an AC thermostat?


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Set the thermostat according to your schedule and those of other occupants of your home. Make regular adjustments to help save on utility bills. Always enter the current date and time to make your thermostat more efficient.

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  1. Program the time and your own schedule

    Enter the current time and date into your programmable AC thermostat to increase its efficiency. Follow the prompts when entering the date and time information. You can then calculate the times you are not in the house to determine your schedule.

  2. Establish programming for all seasons

    During the winter season, set your thermostat at 20 degrees Celsius when you and other occupants are awake and in the house. When no one is in the house, reduce the temperature setting by 15 degrees. Reducing the temperature helps you save on utility bills. Increase the temperature 30 minutes before the arrival of any occupants. Reduce the temperature by approximately 2.2 degrees when the occupants are asleep. During the summer period, adjust the temperature to 25.5 degrees C when people are in the house. Increase the temperature when people are out of the house to save on utility bills. Reduce the temperatures 30 minutes before the arrival of people in your house.

  3. Adjust your thermostat to fit your needs

    Reprogram the thermostat according to your specific needs. The adjustment should account for the weekends and any times you happen to be in the house outside the regular programmed schedule. Alternatively, manually adjust your thermostat when you leave and arrive back at the house.

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