What Services Does Shaw Cable of Winnipeg Offer?

What Services Does Shaw Cable of Winnipeg Offer?

Shaw offers Internet, television and telephone services, as well as bundles, as of May 2015. There are a number of different plans for each service and the opportunity to create a plan based on customer needs.

There are five different Internet plans from which to choose, ranging from Internet 5, which includes speeds up to 5 Mbps, to Internet 120, which has speeds up to 120 Mbps. With these plans, rental modems, Wi-Fi and email addresses are available.

Shaw offers three different television plans: Personal TV, Popular TV and Premier TV + Best of HD. Personal TV has more than 70 channels, and more than 25 of them are in high-definition. The Popular TV plan offers 150 channels, with almost 50 high-definition channels. The Premier TV plan has almost 200 channels, and almost 70 of them are high-definition.

Shaw also offers two telephone plans: Personal Home Phone and Personal Home Phone + Features. The Personal Home Phone plan features free Shaw-to-Shaw long-distance calling, call forwarding and three-way calling. The Personal Home Phone + Features plan has the same features as the regular plan but also offers voicemail and call waiting.

All of these features are available for customers to incorporate into a custom bundle plan, and Shaw also has a number of bundle options made of combinations of their services.