Which Services Do Most Residential Garbage Pick-up Companies Offer?


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The services most residential garbage companies provide include removal of solid waste, yard, bulk and hazardous household waste. In addition, these companies also provide recycling services to remove plastic, paper and other recyclable products.

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Solid waste refers to discarded items such as mixed garbage, furniture, scrap metal and small appliances. Bulk waste also includes appliances along with heavy or large items. Yard waste includes lawn clippings, leaves, and roots from trees and plants. Hazardous household waste includes empty paint or aerosol cans, motor oil, and vehicle batteries.

Homeowners should contact residential garbage companies to schedule pick-up times for bulk and hazardous household waste. Most companies post solid waste pick-up and recycling services along with community garbage discard locations on business websites. Community or local waste management departments also provide pickup times and garbage discard locations for various communities within municipalities.

Additional services provided by residential garbage companies include dumpster rental and curbside pickup. Dumpsters allow homeowners to dispose of large amounts of bulk or construction waste, while curbside pickup services offer a convenient way for homeowners to dispose of solid waste and yard debris. Medical waste removal and recycling-by-mail programs provide homeowners a safe way to dispose of used syringes and potentially hazardous items including batteries and fluorescent bulbs.

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