What Are Some Services Provided by Blind-Cleaning Companies?


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Some blind-cleaning companies provide pickup and delivery, on-site mobile cleaning, drop-off services and ultrasonic cleaning. Pickup and delivery is a service in which the company sends a technician to remove the blinds or shades, clean them at a facility, and return and reinstalls them. Some blind-cleaning companies offer on-site mobile cleaning used mainly by commercial customers. Customers can also drop off blinds to a company for cleaning.

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Some companies also provide ultrasonic cleaning, a gentle but powerful process that does not require harsh chemicals or scrubbing. A technician places the blinds in an ultrasonic tank in which sound waves are projected through water to create millions of microscopic bubbles that clean the surface of the blinds. Hospitals, optometrist offices and dental offices often use this technique. Ultrasonic cleaning removes dirt, mold, dust and bacteria and deep-cleans all parts of the blinds, including the cords. It is an ideal technique for those suffering from allergies or respiratory conditions.

Some companies combine ultrasonic cleaning with mobile services. A technician removes the blinds and brings them to a high-tech mobile unit where the blinds are submerged in an ultrasonic cleaning bath.

Blinds are similar to window filters in that both trap outside contaminants such as mold spores and dirt. They also absorb indoor contaminants like grease, nicotine and bacteria. In addition to regular dusting and cleaning, experts recommend a deep thorough cleaning once or twice a year.

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