What Services Are Offered by Zurn Plumbing Service?

What Services Are Offered by Zurn Plumbing Service?

As of 2016, Zurn Plumbing Service offers services such as repairing home plumbing fixtures, unclogging sewers, drain cleaning, water filtration and repairing water heaters. Similar commercial plumbing services are offered, as well as performing water main repairs, plumbing diagnostics, installing pumps and maintaining backflow prevention devices.

Zurn Plumbing Service offers repairs and replacements to address many residential plumbing problems, such as issues with faucets, garbage disposals, water heaters, tubs and gas systems. The company can unclog both residential drains and sewer lines with drain snakes, as well as repair damaged sewer lines if needed. The plumbing service can also repair existing water heaters or install new tankless water heaters. The company offers reverse-osmosis systems to provide water filtration in an individual's home. Installation, maintenance and testing of gas piping in residential properties are also offered.

Zurn Plumbing Service performs many commercial plumbing jobs. The company claims it can service issues with commercial water mains of all sizes urgently. For sewer and drain cleaning, the company claims to have state-of-the-art equipment such as a jet machine to perform root cutting or removing grease. Sewer replacements can also be done if needed. Plumbing diagnostics and repairs are done on multi-home properties, churches, schools and standalone businesses.

In addition, Zurn Plumbing Service installs, repairs and tests backflow prevention devices to meet county public health standards. The company also installs and maintains pump systems such as sump pumps or grinder systems for commercial properties and multi-family units.

Zurn Plumbing Service works out of the Atlanta, Georgia area. Its website claims to offer a lifetime guarantee on all sewer and water service replacements. The company received the Super Service Award on Angie's list for top Atlanta plumber eight times between 2005 and 2013.