What Services Are Offered by Thompson Heating and Cooling?


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Thompson Heating and Cooling offers standard repairs for air conditioning units and furnaces, including routine inspections, checks on thermostats and other safety devices and cleaning of system components. Thompson Heating and Cooling provides comprehensive services to customers in its hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, along with those in neighboring cities and counties. This company offers regular maintenance for its customers, along with emergency repairs.

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Thompson Heating and Cooling provides specific services for furnaces and air conditioning units. For furnaces, it offers a 2-year warranty that covers the cost of repairs. Typical maintenance includes inspection of the burner assembly, ignition assembly and checking the gas pressure. Technicians can also clean the furnace control system and ensure that the flue is working properly. They can also perform general safety inspections by making sure carbon monoxide detectors work properly and that all furnace safety settings are functioning. They will check the thermostat, measure the electrical output from the unit and clean or replace air filters as needed.

For air conditioners, Thompson technicians test refrigerant charge systems, capacitors and all safety controls. They can also measure the electrical output of a home unit and tighten any loose electrical connections. They will check the thermostat for proper operation, along with the condenser coil, temperature drop, indoor blower wheel and condensate drains. They will also lubricate parts if needed and clean the condenser coil.

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