What Services Does Janitrol Air Conditioning Provide?

What Services Does Janitrol Air Conditioning Provide?

Janitrol Air Conditioning provided budget-friendly, economical residential air conditioning units that feature ComfortNet technology, two-stage compressors with humidity control, chlorine-free refrigerant and ComfortAlert diagnostic systems. The Janitrol trademark was first filed in 1930 and was sold to Goodman in 1982. Goodman used the Janitrol name until 1992. Daikin Industries, Ltd. acquired Goodman in 2012.

Due to the fact Janitrol Air Conditioners are discontinued and have not been manufactured since 1992 under the Janitrol name, much of the online information regarding Janitrol involves troubleshooting existing older equipment.

The company produced the DSXC18 unit, which is the higher-end central air conditioner, and the DSXC16. Both models offer low energy consumption in highly efficient units.

Janitrol Air Conditioners are still in operation, and parts can be found for sale from GoodmanParts.net. The Goodman website offers genuine replacement parts for Janitrol and GMC brands, and the model numbers are consistent with the Janitrol units. To order replacement parts, go to the website, scroll down to Air Conditioners and select appropriate model.

Daikin Industries, which owns Goodman and Janitrol as of 2012, offers air conditioning units. Although the Janitrol brand name and model numbers are not used, the air conditioners available do offer comparable features such as ComfortNet and the Daikin Inside Intelligence diagnostic system.