What Services Does Hydro One in Ontario Offer?


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Hydro One is a company in Ontario that specializes in the distribution and transmission of the electricity in the region. The company operates and owns approximately 97 percent of all of Ontario's electricity transmission capacity and has a network that reaches up to 75 percent of the region. Hydro One's electricity distribution service is available for both residential and business locations and is delivered through a combination of low and high voltage distribution systems.

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Hydro One's 26 facilities and 290 transmission stations in Ontario are connected through a 121,000 kilometer low-voltage distribution system in addition to its 29,000 kilometer high-voltage network. Hydro One's electricity distribution service also caters to remote communities in Ontario and works through 69 distribution companies to serve approximately 1.4 million customers. The company's customers are located in both urban and rural areas in the region.

Hydro One also operates various subsidiary companies, including Hydro One Networks Inc., Hydro One Telecom Inc., and the Hydro One remote Communities Inc. As of 2015, Hydro One employs over 5,600 people as regular employees with an addition 2,237 working for the company on a non-regular basis. The company also owns assets of approximately $22.6 billion and owns over 7,500 vehicles or equipment in its fleet.

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