What Services Does DuctWorks Provide?

What Services Does DuctWorks Provide?

DuctWorks provides residential and business duct cleaning services throughout the state of Colorado. DuctWorks technicians use special products in their work that help to reinforce duct insulation or liners and improve air quality.

DuctWorks is a heating and air conditioning maintenance company based in Arvada, Colorado. As of 2015, DuctWorks' services extend to 31 Coloradan cities, including Denver, Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

DuctWorks provides both residential and business duct cleaning services, which mainly consist of the clearing of contaminants, such as dust particles and other allergens, from furnaces and air conditioners. On its website, the company states that regular duct-cleaning is important to keep heating and cooling systems operating at their peak levels.

DuctWorks technicians use Fosters products in their work, which are EPA-registered, water-based surfacing materials that reinforce duct insulation by forming a preventative coating over the existing duct liner or insulation. Fosters products also prevent fiberglass particles from making their way back into areas that are typically heavily populated.

The Fosters products utilized by DuctWorks are anti-microbial and form fungicidal protective coatings over the surfaces of HVAC systems. These products contribute to the quality of the air by preventing the spread and regrowth of bacteria and mold.