What Services Does Acer Tree Care Offer?


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Some services offered by Acer Tree Care are tree pruning and removal, shrub restoration and maintenance, and young tree training. Acer Tree Care also provides plant health care services such as insect and disease management and prescription fertilization.

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Acer Tree Care is a Minnesota-based company founded in 2011 that specializes in the care and maintenance of landscape trees and shrubs. The company is owned and operated by arborists who provide expert consultation for many issues relating to trees and shrubs, such as structural and targeted pruning, tree support systems and risk/safety evaluations.

A tree support system is any form of supplemental, physical support given to a tree that is at risk of structural failure at the crown or roots. Techniques used in tree support systems include cabling, bracing and staking. Besides physically propping up a weak tree, a tree support system limits the movement of its branches, decreasing the risk of injury and damage to property.

Acer Tree Care also provides young tree training, a process that improves the structural strength of the tree, reduces future maintenance needs and increases longevity. Young tree training involves removing any dead, broken or diseased branches and pruning the tree regularly. Young tree training is a common service offered by tree care companies.

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