How Do You Service a Vermont Castings Wood Stove?

Vermont Castings recommends that consumers contact an authorized Vermont Castings dealer to service their stoves. offers a directory of authorized dealers and chimney technicians. Consumers can also locate qualified technicians through the National Fireplace Institute website. Users can perform some basic maintenance themselves, including cleaning the stove door glass and replacing worn out gaskets.

Vermont Castings suggests that homeowners service their stoves before the cold weather. A gas stove needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure that the pilot light functions correctly. Clean stoves also operate more efficiently. Authorized dealers and trained NFI service technicians, who are credentialed stove specialists, should be contacted to prepare Vermont Castings stoves for the heating season. Companies such as The Stove Depot and Graham the Stoveman specialize in repairing these stoves.

Safety is also a priority for stove owners, as improper servicing or installation could result in a house fire. Vermont Castings directs homeowners to regularly inspect stoves and chimneys for the build-up of creosote, a flammable by-product of burning wood. Shine a flashlight into the flue to check for creosote. Use a special chimney brush to clear away any deposits, or contact a chimney sweep to service the stove.

Vermont Castings makes a number of stove models, including the Defiant, the Encore, the Resolute, the Acclaim and the Intrepid. The Defiant was the first mode manufactured by the company, and it has been redesigned a number of times since its debut in 1975. The Vigilant, a model with glass-front doors, was developed a few years later.

Replacement parts for older-model stoves are available on sites like, which provides links to product diagrams and gasket kits.