What Service Centers Repair Chambers Appliances?


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Appliance repair shops that specialize in classic appliances can repair a Chambers stove, as can most repair shops that service Rangeaire, KitchenAid and Whirlpool appliances. Chambers is one of the only defunct home appliance brands which still carry a following of loyal users.

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John Chambers invented the Chambers Fireless Gas Range in 1910, and began selling them on the open market in 1912. The patented oven heated quickly and then the heat was maintained within the oven by thick rock wool insulation. This allowed the cooking to continue even after the gas had been turned off. The Chambers series of stoves were produced through the 1960s.

Chambers stoves were very popular with housewives and the brand was awarded the Good Housekeeping Institutes Seal of Approval in 1925. In 1937, the popular range was awarded Grand Prize and Gold Medal for distinguished service during the International exposition in Paris, France. It was featured at the World’s Fair Exposition in 1939. The stove has remained popular since its debut, but exposure in a 2005 episode of the cooking show Rachel Ray may explain a recent surge in popularity.

In 1950, the Chambers family sold the company to the Flato brothers. The brothers had operated as a Houston, Texas Chambers distributor before purchasing the company. In 1964, Rangeaire purchased the Chambers company, and in 1983, the product line transitioned to KitchenAid.

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