Is a Septic Drain Field the Same Thing As a Septic Leach Field?


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Septic drain fields and leach fields are two different names that both refer to the series of drain lines that percolate the waste water from the septic tank. Septic tanks are commonly used in rural areas in place of city sewage systems.

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Septic tanks are installed between the home and the drain field, and they collect the waste solids and greases. The system then breaks down the solids, and the waste water is then pumped or flows to the leach field. The soil particles then absorb the waste water and remove the microorganisms and organic materials.Planting grass over the leach field can help the leach field perform more effectively because turf helps promote oxygen exchange and reduces soil erosion over the field.

Septic maintenance is an important aspect to keep the system functioning properly. Inspect the tank every three years, and pump the tank as necessary. Avoid using garbage disposals, as these can cause excess debris and water to accumulate in the tank. Reducing water usage when ground water is high can also help prevent septic tank issues.

When a septic system fails, it is usually an issue with the leach field and not the tank itself. A failed system can produce itself in the form of clogged plumbing indoors or floodingin the yard. When these symptoms occur, a professional must be consulted to rectify the situation.

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