How Does the Sentricon System Work?


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Dow's Sentricon system works by using strategically placed poisoned cellulose baits to kill termites. Small plastic stakes hold the baits securely in the ground, where foraging termites find and eat them. When the termites return to the nest, they poison the other termites, causing massive damage to the colony. Sentricon keeps termites away from homes by providing them with a food source, and it keeps their numbers under control by killing the destructive pests.

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To implement a Sentricon system, a certified Sentricon technician examines the area around the home for signs of termite activity. After identifying problem areas, the technician installs Sentricon bait stations. Either the technician or the homeowner periodically inspects the baits and replaces them if termites eat enough of the poisoned cellulose.

The active ingredient in Sentricon bait is noviflumuron, a growth regulator that makes termite exoskeletons extremely hard. When the poisoned termite grows, it cannot shed its shell and eventually dies. Sentricon eliminates entire colonies because when foraging termites return to the nest, they regurgitate the cellulose they ate while foraging. Other termites in the nest eat the poisoned cellulose, eventually killing every termite in the colony. Unlike traditional liquid pesticide barriers, the noviflumuron in Sentricon baits does not enter the general environment where it may interfere with other, beneficial insects.

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