How Is a SENSEO Cracked Water Tank Replaced?


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When Senseo water tanks break, they can be replaced by removing the old water tank and installing a special replacement water tank. Replacement reservoirs sometimes have larger capacities than the standard model tanks do, lending a machine a larger amount of water before needing to be refilled.

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Senseo coffee makers were discontinued as of late 2011. This makes replacing or repairing a Senseo machine more difficult and expensive. Moreover, the parts become harder to locate over time. Water tanks that are compatible with Senseo machines are found on vendor websites that offer independent listings, such as Amazon.com and eBay.

Senseo brand coffee makers came with a removable water tank, which is what allows them to be replaced. The tanks of other coffee makers are sometimes built into the overall design of the machine and are not removable in the same manner. Replacement water tanks sometimes have larger capacities or stronger materials, due to being made by third-party manufacturers. This allowed Senseo machines a level of customization that other coffee makers lacked. However, Senseo machines were designed to be compatible with coffee pods made for the machine, and the machines were built for dispensing mugs of coffee, as opposed to large pots like other coffee makers.

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