How Is a Senseo Coffee Maker Different From Other Drip Coffee Makers?


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Senseo coffee makers differ from other drip coffee makers in that they use a pod-based brewing system. This system uses a coffee pod to brew a single serving of coffee. There are several other companies that manufacture these types of coffee makers, including Mr. Coffee, Nescafe and Keurig.

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Pod-based brewing systems speed up the coffee-brewing process because only one serving is made and the coffee doesn't need to be measured. There is also less cleanup involved, since the system doesn't use a coffee pot. However, the machines can not make multiple servings of coffee, so if multiple servings are ever needed, it takes longer to brew them than it would with a traditional coffee maker. Since portions of coffee are packaged individually, coffee pods can keep the coffee fresher because it is not exposed to air and light multiple times. Users have less control over their coffee with coffee pods, since they cannot increase or decrease the amount of coffee to change its strength.

Senseo coffee makers came out in February 2001. The machines were discontinued in the United States as of November 2011 and are still unavailable as of February 2015. The company sells Hamilton Beach coffee makers which are compatible with Senseo coffee pods. Senseo features several different roast flavors, including dark and medium roasts, French vanilla and decaffeinated.

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