Who sells second-hand refrigerators?


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Second-hand refrigerators can be purchased from a number of sources, including The Re-Store Warehouse, which exclusively sells refurbished products. A wide selection of used refrigerators is also available on ebay.

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Some independent appliance stores such as Dave's Appliance Rebuild in Seattle, Washington, and the Re-Store Warehouse in Fayetteville, North Carolina, specialize in refurbishing used appliances and reselling them. Such stores are common and can be found all over the United States. The Re-Store Warehouse has a constantly changing inventory of used and refurbished refrigerators. The stores also accept donations of used appliances. Both stores can be contacted directly by phone.

Appliance Exchange is a classifieds site that exclusively displays ads for used appliances, including refrigerators. Users from across the United States can buy and sell second-hand refrigerators on this website. There are many ads on Appliance Exchange for home refrigeration units under $500, as of 2015. The company that operates Appliance Exchange also runs several appliance recycling shops in the western United States. Appliance Exchange can be contacted via a toll free number for inquiries.

Ebay has a wide selection of used refrigerators including models ranging from mini-fridges to large commercial units. If a specific refrigerator unit is desired, ebay may be a good place to find it.

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