Who Sells Rocket Blender Parts at a Discounted Price?

Replacement parts for the Bella Rocket blender are not available from any source other than the manufacturer, as of 2015. Consumers can contact Bella customer service to inquire about blender replacement parts by phone. The company knows what parts are available for purchase and how much they cost.

Several reviewers of the Bella Rocket blender give it high marks for its blending abilities, which produces well-blended smoothies and sauces. Some reviewers are unhappy with the lack of replacement parts, which are not available online. Several reviewers complained that the blade, or blade assembly, broke, rendering the unit useless without a replacement. One reviewer complained of gasket problems with two Rocket blenders. A Bella customer service representative advises unhappy consumers to contact its customer service hot line for help in getting replacement parts.

Consumers seeking to replace a broken Bella Rocket blender can opt to purchase it from Walmart, which is selling the 12-piece model at an inexpensive price. The blender system includes a base unit, three sizes of blending cups and two tops with blades. It also comes with solid and shaker lids. Consumers who want a similar blender in the same price range can opt for the17-piece Elite Cuisine. This is a personal blender that costs a bit more, but it includes an additional blending cup.