Who sells Reliance water heaters?


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Reliance water heaters are sold by Ace Hardware, Do It Best and Hardware Hank, among other retailers. Ace Hardware and Do It Best allow online purchasing with in-store pickup, while Hardware Hank maintains an online catalog and a store locator but does not offer online purchasing.

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The most important criteria for choosing a water heater include family size; the number of bathrooms; whether the heater is designed for a mobile home; whether it is an electric, natural gas or propane gas heater; and the width and height of the space intended for the heater. Other considerations, that result in higher necessary heater capacity, include having uncommonly large whirlpools and bathtubs and having teenagers in the family.

Water heaters may be electric or gas models. They contain the same parts, but gas heaters have a vent pipe intersecting the tank’s middle with a gas burner below the pipe, while electric heaters have two heating elements. The remaining parts include an insulated steel tank for holding water, a dip tube that runs water into the tank, a thermostat that regulates the water’s temperature, a drain valve and relief valves for temperature and pressure.

Electric water heaters tend to be more efficient as measured by their Energy Factor. Energy Factor is an efficiency metric that evaluates several heat-loss factors including recovery efficiency, the efficiency of energy transfer to the water from the source.

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