Who Sells Refurbished AC Units?


Wal-Mart, Overstock, Amazon.com, eBay and Used AC Warehouse all sell refurbished AC units. Wal-Mart, Amazon.com and Overstock offer only refurbished portable AC units and those for windows. Used AC Warehouse offers all options. While eBay has varying options, buyers risk entering into a bidding war over price.

As of 2015, Used AC Warehouse claims it is the largest used and refurbished air conditioner company in the United States. It also claims that it beats any competitor's price. Most of its used units, depending on size, range in price from $375 to $500. In addition to used air conditioning units, it also offers refurbished heat pump units, gas package units, window AC units and used air conditioner parts. These sellers are all nationwide, but great deals can also be found in smaller chains or stores in the buyer's region if he chooses to shop locally.

Refurbished AC units are used units that have been fixed to bring them back to factory standards. Often, sellers include a limited warranty. According to Budget Heating and Air, there is another option that is similar, but superior, to refurbished AC units. It promotes buying scratch and dent or close-out specials because the damage is cosmetic only, and because the units are new, they still come with a full factory warranty.