Who Sells Refrigerator Evaporator Fans?


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Refrigerator evaporator fans are available at appliance repair shops or online at parts websites, such as PartWizard and AppliancePartsPros. The model number can be used to find the correct fan.

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The evaporator fan is located in the freezer compartment. To replace it, the refrigerator should first be unplugged from the power outlet. Food should be removed from the freezer and placed into another freezer or cooler. Shelves or other obstructions should be removed to allow access to the back of the freezer. After removing the screws holding it in place, the back panel can be removed.

If there is a lot of frost on the fan assembly, it should be allowed to melt before continuing. After opening the mounting clip, the fan blade should be removed and the wires disconnected. At this point, the fan motor can be pulled out. To install the new motor, the wires should be connected and the fan assembly placed in the holder. The fan blade should be inserted on the shaft and the mounting clip reconnected to secure the motor.

The back panel can then be screwed into place and any shelving put back into the freezer. Power can then be restored, and after verifying proper operation, food can be returned to the freezer.

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