Who Sells Ninja Blenders and Food Processors?


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Ninja blenders are available from Amazon.com, Best Buy, Macy's and many other retailers. A versatile device, the NInja blender is compatible with a wide variety of recipes, from smoothies and desserts to bread dough and soup dishes.

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Though targeted for the home consumer, the Ninja is a heavy-duty device that is comparable with professional blenders. Each Ninja blender comes with a heavy-duty plastic pitcher that is lightweight yet fully resistant to scratching. As with most modern blenders, Ninja blenders have several speed settings to meet a wide variety of blending needs. Typically, Ninja blenders comes with multiple blades, which further increases their versatility. A number of Ninja models are available with varying prices and capabilities. This product is constructed from BPA-free plastics that are environmentally friendly.

Modern blenders such as the Ninja employ vibration dampening to maintain stability. Ninja blenders use a sound-reducing design to minimize operating noise. Ninja blenders represent modern refinements on an invention that has been popular for decades. Stephen Poplawski started designing blenders in 1919 and filed the first blender patents in 1922. Other important early blender innovators include Fred Waring, who popularized smoothies during the 1940s. Blenders were featured in some of the first television infomercials ever broadcast.

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