Who Sells New Whirlpool Water Heaters?

Whirlpool water heaters are available exclusively at Lowe's. They are available in propane, natural gas, electric and hybrid heat pump models. Hybrid models reduce heating costs by 50 percent of the cost of heating with electricity.

Electric Whirlpool water heaters install without the need for a vent. Because they do not burn a hydrocarbon fuel, they do not produce exhaust gases. Electric water heaters are usually less expensive to purchase and install; however, in many locations, electric water heaters have the highest operating costs, as of 2015.

Whirlpool natural gas and propane water heaters both require venting of exhaust gases to prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide, water vapor and nitrous oxide in the home. Traditionally, the vent exhausts gases through the roof of the home. With newer direct vent models, gas water heaters vent through the wall. Propane is more expensive than natural gas. Propane water heaters also require installation of a propane storage tank, if the home does not currently have propane service.

Hybrid water heaters by Whirlpool offer the energy efficiency of a heat pump. These storage tank units include a heat exchanger inside the tank to heat the water using energy from the heat pump. They also have a traditional heating coil for days when using the heat pump is not practical.

WhirlpoolWaterHeaters.com has a variety of resources available for consumers interested in purchasing Whirlpool water heaters as well as information for water heater owners. Whirlpool recommends starting the search for a new water heater by analyzing the current water heater in use. Determine the capacity of this machine and how effectively this model has performed for the needs of the household.

By using the Whirlpool size guidelines, the optimal capacity water heater can be determined. This is primarily a function of the number of people living in the house. Many Lowe's stores feature an in-store display which has further information on selecting the right-sized water heater.

Proper installation and maintenance are also key in optimizing the water heater's performance. In the Whirlpool water heater line, there are electric, propane and gas heaters available. Which set-up is ideal for the household is determined by capacity needs as well as the pre-existing home hook-up options. Warranties for Whirlpool water heaters range from six to 12 years of coverage.