Who Sells Maytag Furnaces?

Who Sells Maytag Furnaces?

Maytag furnaces are sold through local furnace contractors throughout the country. Customers can locate contractors by searching their location on the dealer locator page of the Maytag furnace website.

For example, Seaside Heating and Air Conditioning in Laguna Niguel, California is a Maytag furnace contractor. It offers customers free estimates, helps customers select the best furnace for their needs, and does installation, repairs and duct cleaning. It also offers financing through its partnership with Home Depot. The specific services, Maytag products and financing options offered vary by contractor.

Customers can search current models of Maytag furnaces on the Maytag website before contacting a contractor. Maytag units use SmartStart technology that allows the ignitor to fire optimally and extends the life of the ignitor. Some units are Energy Star Certified, and some reach an annual fuel utilization efficiency of up 97 percent.

The iQ Drive is Maytag's most efficient unit, as of 2015. It analyzes the room temperature every minute and adjusts its output to maintain the ideal temperature and reduce energy usage. The encased motor is very quiet and can be installed with an iQ Drive air conditioner for year-round temperature control.

All Maytag units are covered by a 12-year parts warranty and dependability promise. Maytag products are American-made and are designed and manufactured in Missouri and Tennessee