Who Sells Litton Microwave Ovens?


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No one sells new Litton microwave ovens anymore because the company sold off its microwave oven division in the late 1980s and ceased producing them. Consumers can sometimes find used Litton microwaves or repair parts, but new products are no longer available.

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Litton began producing microwaves for home use in the 1960s. The company made a variety of other products including medical products, office furniture and business machines. These were all among the 14 different product lines that the company divested itself of during the 1980s.

Litton Industries was originally responsible for many of the innovations that are common in modern microwave ovens. For example, Litton first introduced the short, wide shape of most microwaves to the market. The company also developed the first microwave that could safely operate even when there was nothing inside the oven.

The microwave oven division of Litton ended in turmoil following allegations of fraud and a failed buyout attempt. Litton restructured its microwave division as a series of companies, including Microwave Products of America and Menumaster, before Amana finally bought out all of the company's assets. Microwaves produced under these three names included many features and technologies that the various companies inherited from Litton.

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