Who Sells Kohler Small Engine Parts?

Who Sells Kohler Small Engine Parts?

Genuine Kohler parts are available for purchase online and from a local Kohler dealer. Kohler sells the parts online at its official Kohler Engines Parts website.

The Kohler Engines Service and Dealer Locator tool helps customers find local registered Kohler parts dealers. Follow these steps below to find a genuine parts dealer.

  1. Navigate to Kohler Engines
  2. Go to the Kohler Engines from a browser, and click the "Service & Dealer Locator" link located in the page header.

  3. Provide search details
  4. Enter the city and ZIP code in the respective fields, and select the country, state and search area from the drop-down menus. Choose the "Gasoline" and "Diesel" options under "Engine Type" if necessary, and then click the "Submit" button to perform the search.

  5. Analyze search results
  6. The Service and Dealer Locator tool will display all local service distributors and expert dealers in the defined search area range. Each listing contains the company's name, address, phone number, service and distance from the provided address. Click the "View Map" link next to a specific listing to obtain driving directions.