Who Sells Downy Balls?

Downy liquid fabric softener dispensing balls can be purchased online at Target.com, Amazon.com and eBay.com. Target additionally offers brick-and-mortar locations and purchases via telephone, while customers purchasing via eBay.com typically bid on products auction-style.

Customers purchasing from Target.com have the option of using a credit card payment or using the Target Redcard. When searching for items, customers have the ability to refine their search by price, average customer rating or category.

Amazon.com features packs of up to four Downy fabric softener balls. Customers have the option of refining their search by price, average customer rating and brand. Customers also have the option of leaving reviews or asking questions about products.

Customers using eBay.com have the option of purchasing their item outright if the seller uses the "Buy It Now" feature or declaring a price offer to the seller by using the "Best Offer" feature. Customers also have the ability to rate the seller, search related items and see how many other customers are bidding on the item or watching the item's progress.

The Downy balls are for use with non-HE washing machines. Users place the ball into the washing machine during a regular cycle instead of using a fabric softener tray or waiting until the washer's rinse cycle to add the fabric softener.