Who Sells a Built-in Oven and Microwave?


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Built-in ovens and microwaves are available for purchase from any major retailer that sells appliances such as Sears or Home Depot. These two appliances can also be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon.

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Built-in ovens, also called wall ovens, are sold individually or as part of a set that includes a microwave. Most wall ovens are electric instead of gas, as electric ovens are proven to heat more evenly, states Consumer Search. Wall ovens do come in both electric and gas. Customers can choose either a standard single oven or a double oven. Double ovens have two separate units stacked on top of each other that allow for simultaneous baking at two different temperatures.

Most wall ovens come in a standard width of 30 inches. If a customer has a space constraint, there is the option to purchase smaller, more compact wall ovens that measure 24 inches wide. Microwaves typically vary more in size, though most built-in microwaves are either 24 inches or 30 inches to match the width of the respective ovens.

Built-in ovens and microwaves come in black, white and stainless steel. They also vary in style and features. Built-in appliances such as these are popular because they save space in a kitchen and are easier to access than standard ovens.

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